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illigitimi non carborundum

After many years on my own, I am happily married for almost six years. Nearly three years after having the beautiful baby girl, I am still exhausted.

I am living in my parents' hometown and, after spending my whole life as a military brat, it is somewhat disconcerting to exist in a semi-fishbowl. But, it is also nice to have family beyond parents within reach. Aunts, uncles, cousins, oh my. Still, it can be a bit surreal. "Who's your daddy?" is a valid question here...and I have been asked on several occasions. Strangers accost me in the store to inquire in detail about my family members and they fully expect answers. Everything is that awful orange. And my house is highly visible on the main street, so people (even people I don't know) often ask me questions I consider inappropriate. But, such is life. That beautiful baby girl and I will effectively grow up on different planets, I fear.

Oh, and mahna mahna.